1) Learn how to heal yourself

If you are suffering from any of these ailments and, like many,  feel disappointed and disillusioned with the results yielded through modern medicine alone, then microcurrent therapy is your next step.

2) Expand your mindqa-01

At any age, learning is always a dignified use of your time.  The conference will feed your brain with a variety of workshops, lectures by keynote speakers, and training on microcurrent therapy.


3) Grow your networkshutterstock_380661772

The conference draws in microcurrent experts from all over the world whom you’d never have a chance to meet otherwise. Additionally, those who maintain their own humble at-home practice attend and offer their practical wisdom and testimonies.  The conference is your one-stop-shop to becoming a part of the tight-knit microcurrent community.

4) Rub elbows with Lifetime Achievement award winnersmcwilliams

Dr. Charles McWilliams founder of the Pan-American College of Natural Medicine and author of one of the premier texts on microcurrent, will be giving the keynote speech this year!

5) Direct access to state of the art microcurrent products and treatments

Along with trainings and workshops, attendees will have direct access to the latest microcurrent technology at their fingertips.  You can’t see these products anywhere else–no internet surfing on Amazon will get you the information and hands-on experience with these products like attending the conference will.

Five and a half…

The last reason to attend the 10th annual Microcurrent Conference from Sept. 30 through October 2nd is shutterstock_358169474simple: this year the conference is hosted in St. Pete Beach, Florida!  You can relax on the beach after a full day of expanding your network and your mind and let the waves lull you to sleep while you relax at Dolphin Beach Resort.  You can sip your morning coffee and read the newspaper on your porch while the sun rises over the blue ocean horizon and ready yourself for an even more beautiful day surrounded by people who genuinely want you to heal!


Restoration is near, registration is here!