Microcurrent Training

By Dr. Edward Kondrot

Learn the basics of Microcurrent therapy and begin using Microcurrent to restore your health.

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  1. Dorothea Degenhardt

    I just enrolled in the learning program, but I do not own the machine.
    Can i still take the lessons?

  2. anita

    I am 53 years old and was born with cataract and now I have ocular hypertension. I have been using eye drops (Travertine) daily for the last 4-5 years. Could your center help my situation to reverse cataract and or help with the hypertension? Thank you

  3. Robyn Belgrove

    I am a Naturopath in Australia and I have an InspiStar unit. I was a practitioner for the Microcurrent machine that Carol McMakin produced.

    The InspiStar I purchased didn’t come with any information or instructions for use, only how to put it onto the computer etc. I was wondering if there are any books on how to operate the InspiStar properly with protocols.
    Robyn Belgrove ND

  4. stacey wood

    I have a PT who is very sold on micro-stim and will be retiring soon. We need to purchase the best unit to use for clinic and have other PTs go to a training seminar. What would you suggest? So, which unit, and which training. Thanks.

  5. Janesca

    Im interested to know more of your medication for cataract. I live in Trinidad and cannot attend your seminar. I will be thankful.

  6. Daniele

    Is there any reasearch paper done on Glaucoma using MC?

    Which device are you recommending/selling?

  7. mrudula

    is there any remedy to prevent operation of cataract and angioplasty?

  8. Moriah

    How does microcurrent benefit people who are highly mypopic and suffer from Glacouma who already have some damage to the optic nerve maniseted in the visual field .Is there a way to reverse existing damage to the optic nerve ?
    thank you , Moriah

  9. john hidock

    for 11 months i used the microcurrent eye treatment and when my sight got bad i started the injection in nov. in dec after my injection i asked the doctor about my left eye and was told it had to you much scar tissue it would not do any good. so i ask you if there is a program for scar tissue for the machine I have nothing to lose can send you the microcurrent machine thank you john

  10. Edward Stillman

    I am 80 years old and have had dry macular for 3+ years concurrent with worsening cataracts in both eyes. I own an InspirStar microcurrent unit with 10 programs and have had training to use it from my MD, MD(H) (now retired), and her technician. My program is a combined macular and cataract 56 minute program set at 40 microamps. I have used it every other to every third day, but was not consistent in using it for the 3+ years due to open heart surgery with complications and non-healing compressive fractured vertebrae (T-3 and T-7) over the last eight months.
    I do take a macular supplement with 100 mg Lutein, 10 mg Zeaxanthin and 30 mg Bilberry daily.
    Dry macular has remained stable (no worse) but the cataracts worsened in both eyes. Had intraocular lenses installed in both eyes because cataracts progressively worsened and could not pass drivers vision test. Can I continue to use my combined program to help macular with the plastic lenses installed without causing detrimental problems with my eyes, vision, or with the lenses? Should I have my program changed to macular only? Any other suggestions for me about this are appreciated.
    May your two new books be totally successful and highly useful to doctors. Wish I could have treated the cataracts with your programs years earlier. Thank you for your response. Edward Stillman

    • Edward Kondrot

      You should probably have the protocol changed and remove the cataract aspect of the program
      Best way is to attend one of our microcurrent programs or to find a local doc to change the program
      Please contact the office

  11. Lorraine Abbott

    There would be much interest in your micro-current information up here in Chicago, Dr. Kondrot. Would there be any plans to come to our area? Many who are afflicted with macular degeneration are too far away to travel.

    Thank you for your consideration!

    • Edward Kondrot

      would be interested in having a 2 day workshop in Chicago! Please contact Nicole to organize this
      nicole@healingtheeye.com or calling 800-430-9328


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