Microcurrent Medicine of the Future

By Dr. Dennis Courtney

Anesthesiologist, sales Integrative Medicine Specialist, Homeopath, Naturopath and Host of “Impact on Your Health” Radio Show, Dr. Dennis Courtney brings important experience for practitioners.

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  1. Laurel

    Question: Is it possible for microcurrent frequencies to negatively impact the heart under certain circumstances? I have been using microcurrent for almost two years for wet and dry macular degeneration, and the last few months have been having heart symptoms. Tests indicate nothing wrong with my heart, but I did test with mild pulmonary hypertension. Blood tests are good and an echocardiogrphy procedure was also good.

    • Edward Kondrot

      unlikely but you should have this checked by your doctor

  2. Elaine Kukuwich

    I have macular puckering or wrinkling, will the
    microcurrent that is set up for the dry macular Degeneration help
    it from getting worse or even heal it???

    • Edward Kondrot

      we have protocols for macular pucker. Please check with our office for upcoming programs to help you!
      info@healingtheeye.com or call 800-430-9328


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