Clinical Use of Advanced Waveform in Microcurrent Treatment

By Dr. Ning Wu

He is a third-generation electrical engineer who developed the first programmable Microcurrent machine and continues to be dedicated to manufacturing and developing advanced Microcurrent machines for FSM practitioners

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  1. Wes

    Do you have any reproducible science that truly supports the claims that specific microamperage frequencies produce better results over the 10hz/40hz Thomas Wing recommended 40 years ago ?

  2. dick o'connor

    Dr. Ning, i bought one of your units at the CSO conference in Santa Fe. ed Kondrot programmed one of the 10 programs for my diabetic retinopathy. i want to start using the units on my patients so i need to learn to program. when i talked with you, you said there would be a programming seminar in March in Florida. i just looked on your website and there is one in Feb but not in March. do you plan to have one in march? i am not sure i can make it in Feb but may have to try if there won’t be one in March. please let me knwo as soon as you can.

    • Edward Kondrot

      please call the office 800-430-9328
      we are having a program in April in San Fran

  3. Zdenka Babankova

    What is the difference between the microcurrent frequencies and settings used by Dr Konrad in his protocol to treat macular degeneration and frequencies used by RIFE machines.

    • Edward Kondrot

      rife are much higher frequencies also the rife machine was never designed to touch the body. It is administered by a cathode ray tube

  4. Elaine Kukuwich

    Is there a cure for Blepharitis, a chronic
    inflammation of the Eyelids???

    • Edward Kondrot

      the proper treatment is to address the underlying cause. Microcurrent can help along with other treatments. Please contact the office or call 800-430-9328


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