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Learn from the world’s leading experts on Microcurrent therapy, including Dr. Kondort’s Miracle Eye Cure as well as proceedings from past conferences. If you want to be a fore-running leader in your area with microcurrent, you’ll want to bring the knowledge of these experts with you.

Miracle Eye Cure: Microcurrent Stimulation $24.95

Over 70% of the people Dr. Kondrot has treated have actually shown significant improvement in their vision. Some have regained enough vision to be able to read again, see their grandchildren’s faces, and even regain their driver’s license. Microcurrent stimulation (MCS) uses a combination of acupuncture and electricity to stimulate healing of macular degeneration

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. This book offers a thorough explanation and history of MCS, details the equipment needed for self-treatment, and describes supplemental acupuncture points.

A Helpful and Hopeful Guide to Battle Macular Degeneration

Buy Miracle Eye Cure: Microcurrent Stimulation

Proceedings of the 7th Annual Case Conference  $34.95

Includes Keynote: "Microcurrent Past Present and Future"

Buy the Proceedings of the 7th Annual Case Conference

Proceedings of the 8th Annual Case Conference $34.95

Includes Keynote: "Multiple Mysterious Symptoms Linked to a Tooth"

Buy the Proceedings of the 8th Annual Case Conference

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