Discover for Yourself What Many Doctors Already Have… The Immense Healing Power of Microcurrent!


#1 – Reduces the Effects of RA

Reduces the swelling and pain of rheumatoid arthritis.



#2 – Improves Blood Flow

As we age our circulation decreases. Improves blood flow to important areas of the body.



#3 – Stimulates Cellular Activity

This will result in much more energy. Sleep better at night and have more energy during the day.



#4 – Removes Scar Tissue

Treats scar tissue and aging spots on the skin

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#5 – Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is a common factor in all disease. Reducing inflammation helps the body to heal.



#6 – Neuro-Protective Effects

Prevents damage to the neurological system.



#7 – Balances Autonomic Nervous System

Reduces stress. The body will not heal when it is in a stress state.



#8 – Treats Neuropathies

Reduces inflammation in the nerves which is the most common cause of pain



#9 – Treats Depression

Stimulates the function of the brain and reduces depression.

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#10 – Detoxifies Internal Systems

Helps remove harmful toxins from the body.



#11 – Stimulates Stem Cells

Stem cells are needed for all rejuvenation. Microcurent will increase stem cell activity.



#12 – Lowers Intra-Ocular Pressure

Studies have shown that microcurrent can reduce eye pressure in glaucoma.



#13 – Reverses Macular Degeneration

Reverses the damage and improves vision in patients with macular degeneration.



#14 – Rejuvenates Facial Tissue

Improves tone, diagnosis elasticity and reduces wrinkles.



#15 – Corrects Musculoskeletal Problems

Receives spasms and imbalances in the muscles and joints.



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