Microcurrent Benefits

Dr. Kondrot puts on Getting Started with Microcurrent trainings across the nation throughout the year. And if you’ve been considering getting a microcurrent device but haven’t followed through yet, now is the perfect time to attend.

You can enter the amazing, miraculous world of microcurrent. And with Dr. Kondrot as your guide, can expect to come face-to-face with these benefits (regardless of how old you are!):

10 – Improve Your Overall Health

Microcurrent is being called a “miracle treatment” due to it’s diverse means of application. By stimulating cellular activity, you tap into your body’s natural healing processes.

At the training, you’ll have hands-on experience with Dr. Kondrot and microcurrent. Your body is an extraordinary organism and regardless of your age, it still has great power that can be tapped into.

9 – Be Part of the Medicine of the Future

While microcurrent is not new, it has only more recently garnered public attention and is becoming more widely accepted. But unless the pharmaceutical industry is allowed to regulate it, it may never become a treatment offered by mainstream doctors and hospitals.

Don’t want to experience the benefits! Don’t wait for our pill-dependent society to accept the miraculous benefits of microcurrent. By coming to Getting Started with Microcurrent, you’ll be able to get started immediately.

8 – Learn a Simple and Efficient Way to Treat Many Medical Conditions

A good microcurrent machine can be programmed to specific frequencies for your ailments. Because of the range of frequencies that can be used, you can apply microcurrent to heal a vast array of medical conditions.

At the training, you’ll be able to learn how to use a microcurrent machine for your specific conditions.

7 – Improve Your Vision

Dr. Kondrot is a board-certified ophthalmologist and homeopathic doctor who has run multiple eye practices across the nation over the past several decades.

During those years, Dr. Kondrot used microcurrent time and time again to reverse degenerative eye diseases. And those were patients who had been told by their eye doctor that “there was nothing to do” to help their eyesight.

6 – Detox Your Body

By stimulating the function in your skin, kidneys, and other organs, you can improve your body’s ability to detoxify. Detoxing provides a wealth of benefits to your body, including improving the immune system.

Detoxification will also help your body rid excess waste, improve your thinking, and boost your energy.

5 – Relieve Pain

It’s all too easy for us to learn to live with pain and justify it by attributing it to old age. And while our bodies are obviously not what they used to be, we don’t have to live with all our pain.

Microcurrent can help you relieve pain, even pain you’ve suffered from for years. Come find out what life can be like if you can release your body from much of the pain it feels. Come find out what it feels like to feel young!

4 – Reduce Stress

Stress brings about a host of problems, including that it inhibits our body’s natural processes to heal itself. Join Dr. Kondrot to find out how you can relieve stress.

Microcurrent can drastically reduce the level of stress in your body in minutes. Not only will you feel better, your body is going to function better which will enable you to heal and feel more rejuvenated.

3 – Improve Your Sleep

Sleep is a critical tool for our bodies to heal. It’s not just the quantity of hours that matter, though that is very important, the quality of your sleep determines how good your sleep actually was and dictates how you will feel throughout the day.

This will further the benefits of reducing stress and revitalization. Particularly when you combine all of these benefits together, you will be able to experience a new physical state that you thought was lost in your age. Come and experience the miraculous benefits of microcurrent.

2 – Hands-On Experience with a Machine

Throughout the training you’ll be able to experience microcurrent. Many people are overwhelmed with trying to figure out which device, which is why you’ll be able to select a device to be programmed for your specific needs.

You’ll work with Dr. Kondrot to determine which frequencies you should have on your machine and you’ll have the opportunity to purchase a machine at the event. You will be able to go home and continue all of these benefits.

1 – Much, Much More!

This is just the beginning of how microcurrent can change your life. Dr. Kondrot’s patients have been benefiting from the healing brought around by microcurrent for many years.

Now, from the comfort of your home, you can experience the life-giving benefits of microcurrent.

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Microcurrent Benefits